Voltage Optimisation


Voltages to homes and businesses in the UK tend to range from between 235v - 253v. However, most applicance and light fittings run most efficiently at 220v. When voltages are above this optimum, the power supply can inefficient and the life span of equipment is greatly affected.

A voltage optimisation unit can dramatically reduce energy bills by adjusting the incoming voltage to your home or business so that appliances run more efficiently.

These systems are relatively straightforward to install and savings begin immediately.




By fitting a voltage optimiser with your solar panels you can:

  • reduce carbon footprint 24/7
  • reduce overall energy use by up to 20%
  • use PV generated electricity first , reducing bill for imported electricity
  • reduce voltage to your solar inverter, increasing its life-span
  • reduce wear and tear on appliances, resulting in longer service life
  • reduce cut out frequency
  • reduce heat build up and consequent losses